Drone fleet management & video streaming software

FlytNow Auto – Complete automation software for DiaB systems

Automated data and information collection

Eliminate manual collection of data and elements from the area of interest. Develop DiaB systems to perform routine inspections. View, record and share “live” HD footage easily and simply.

Increase in efficiency and amortization of the investment

Easily overcome “blind spots” and monitor hard-to-reach areas. Detect facility failures early, to minimize maintenance costs and/or service interruptions.

Reduction of reaction & intervention time

Send autonomous Drones to an area as an immediate intervention in an emergency situation. Dynamically limit the consequences of an emergency and increase the protection of security personnel by timely assessing the situation and the risks involved.


Real-time situational awareness

Instantly receives video updates for continuous and immediate information to the authorities. Proactively detects malfunctions. It improves decision-making and eliminates procedural delays.

Ultra-low latency in HD video streaming.

Image processing from thermal cameras for visibility in any conditions.

Capture image from multiple cameras.

Record and archive the downloaded video.

Securely share your video stream with authorized users.

Design and schedule automated patrol missions

Deploys and controls multiple Drones simultaneously. It eliminates human error. Performs repetitive missions with minimal human intervention.
Fleet management of different Drones.

Perform multiple missions with intermediate stops.

Configure actions independently per stopover.

Scheduling routine missions on a calendar basis.

Retrieve and track mission history.

Immediate response to an emergency

It sends Drones to the scene to assess risks and protect following security personnel. Remotely controls Drones and their payload via on-screen GUI, keyboard or remote control.
Send to specific GPS coordinates of your choice.

Demarcation of virtual perimeters (geofences) to determine no-fly zones.

Transmit audio messages through the Drone’s loudspeaker.

Enhanced night visibility with integrated headlights.

Configuration of multiple safety valves for maximum security.

Precise landing

FlytNow’s integrated precision landing module leverages artificial intelligence technology to align and approach this Drone to its station.
99.99% reliability in drone landings.

Perform landings day and night.

Eliminating the need for additional software.

Landing of Drones even in places with a weak GPS signal (GPS-denied environments).

Control and telemetry of Docking Stations

FlytNow Auto software enables remote configuration and automation of storage and refueling stations. It integrates drones with their stations and allows them to receive data seamlessly over 5G/4G/LTE networks.
Enable open/close and charging remotely.

Checking the state of charge and/or activating the automatic battery replacement.

Integration of fixed room cameras to monitor the DiaB system.

Utilization of meteorological data to carry out pre-flight checks.

Receive real-time data from the integrated weather station.

FlytNow Live – Drones management & image/video transfer software

Drone remote control software with next generation technology


Hybrid Drone Fleet Management

FlytNow supports all major UAV platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot, PX4, and allows you to manage different Drones easily and simply. Add unlimited Drones to your fleet from all well-known manufacturers on the market without any problems at all
Demarcation of virtual perimeters (geofences) to determine flight areas.

Remote control of the Drone

“Fly” your Drones remotely or set multiple automated flight plans. Controls the navigation of Drones and their payloads via an on-screen graphical controller, keyboard or remote control. Lands or keeps the Drone hovering on command.
Directional built-in headlights for night missions.

Adjusting the balance stabilizer and zoom level.

Transmit audio messages through the Drone’s loudspeaker.

Activating Return to Home (RTH) or other safeguards at any time.

Predefined role-based authorization

Allows for the assignment of privileges to interested parties, determining their access to drone missions and the flow of data from the drones. It enables monitoring of the drone and its operations throughout missions. It does not require additional installations or add-ons.
Adding memos and notes for critical information on the map.

Sharing the collected data with interested parties.

Locate and track points of interest.

Handover & control between field and remote operators.

Providing real-time telemetry & video data from the Drone

Tracks the movement and status of the flight in real time. Receives “live” HD video feed for continuous and immediate information of the interested party. Detects malfunctions immediately. Improves decision-making and incident response.
High-quality image streaming with ultra-low latency (<100ms).

Enlarge image for “cockpit” view.

Integration of thermal camera images for visibility in any conditions.

Record and archive the downloaded video in your personal Cloud space.

Simplified mission planning

It carries out missions with intermediate stops to survey or map large areas. Creates detailed flight plans with specific actions for automated data collection. It reduces the dependence on manpower specialized in UAV’s.
Adding annotations and notes for critical information on the map.

Sharing collected data with stakeholders.

Locating and monitoring points of interest.

Switching control and operation assignment between field operators and remote operators.

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